All-In-One Platform for Consulting & Staffing Firms AI-enabled unified Sales, Recruitment & Human Resources platform

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Intelligent. Quality Hire
Reduced time to hire

Have easy access to multiple sourcing channels, powerful resume parsing, Resume Database Management, & analytical tools to aid in the hiring of the best talent. The flagship AI-enabled candidate Sourcing & Matching, Ranking & Screening reduces hiring time.

  •   Increased recruiter productivity with easy-to-use effective sourcing tools
  •   AI-powered candidate sourcing and ranking
  •   Access ATS from anywhere anytime using best of the class Plugins
  •   Unparalleled seamless integrations with Jobs boards, VMS and CRMs
  •   The one-stop-shop for all your Mails and SMS campaigns

Effortless HR management
Simplified workforce

Take team management into the next level with a 360-degree solution for automating repetitive tasks, time and expense tracking, extensive documentation tools, Employee and Manager self-service, Immigration & Compliance, and many more.

  •   Great candidate experience with Digital Onboarding
  •   Effective Assignments and Timesheets cards management
  •   Automated Invoicing and QB Integration
  •   US Immigration and Legal Compliance Mangement
  •   Stay updated with automated tasks and reminders

Intelligent automation
Powered by AI

Pave the way for transformation by adapting AI technology that streamlines your business processes and helps you achieve the next level of productivity and profits. Reduce candidate screening time and experience an overall increase in productivity and output.

  •   Intelligent harvesting to automate candidate sourcing
  •   Reduce the screening time with AI-enabled candidate ranking
  •   Intelligent parser to extract relevant information
  •   Screen candidates with AI-powered Chatbots
  •   Use existing Resume Database with candidate re-engagement tools

Close deals faster
Prioritize your Opportunities

Make data-driven decisions to track leads and reach out to them easily. Stay engaged with them throughout the sales cycle. Increase overall team productivity by closing deals faster. Plan effective campaigns and analyze ROI easily with inbuilt reporting & analytics tools.

  •   Integrated Leads and Opportunity Management
  •   Accounts and Contacts management
  •   Track the activities with real-time mail sync
  •   Real-time opportunity tracking
  •   Comprehensive dashboard, tasks, and reminders
AI enable searching
Job and candidates
Job boards and VMS integration
Intelligent matching and ranking
Custom forms and workflows
Digital onboarding
Timesheet management
Expense management
Real-time updates
Workflow automation
Quickbooks integration
Digital onboarding & signature
Resume Parsing
Applicant matching & ranking
Plugins & integrations
Candidate intention analysis
Automated invoicing
Accounts & contact management
Leads & opportunities tracking
Scheduling tools
Real-time mail sync
Analytics & reporting

A fully integrated, scalable platform that works for you


Oorwin uses advanced AI to constantly improve efficiency and effectiveness. That means the more you work, the better it works for you


With Oorwin, you don't have to give up your go-to programs and systems. Oorwin fully integrates with your existing programs for a more powerful experience


With Oorwin, Teams can communicate with each other across the globe. No more frustrations between global teams

Market Place

Preconfigured out-of-the-box integrations that you can use to improve your business

What makes us Unique?

Unified Platform

Intelligent Integrated Sales, Recruitment, and Human Resources platform to help streamline business process and harmonize teams.

AI-enabled searching & matching

Reduce time taken to find the best talent with the intelligent AI-driven platform that runs semantic keyword search to find and match candidates as per the job compatibility.

Efficient intelligent candidate ranking

Intelligently rank the matched candidates based on the relevancy of the Job Order, reducing the time to screen. Intelligent insights about the candidates to enable effective decisions.

Omnichannel campaigns

One-click job posting to maintain consistency across job boards, social media channels, and company career page.

Highly customizable & Configurable

Personify the platform to reflect your business style. Define accessibility level to enable editing of forms, templates and other changes.

Access anytime anywhere

A mobile app that functions same as the desktop version to let you conduct business on-the-move.

The Complete Oorwin Suite

By bringing advanced AI automation to a straightforward and fully integrated interface, we help your workforce become more efficient to identify, win, source, manage, and close deals faster than ever before


Empower your sales team to close more deals, faster than ever before


Manage the hiring process and fill positions with the power and efficiency of AI

HR Management
Human Resource

Unlock powerful Human Resource tools in one robust, centralized platform

Adaptable Ecosystem

Oorwin Plugins allow easy integration with tools that you already use